Sr. High Youth


Sunday - 10:30 AM Worship ServicE | Wednesday night 7 pm

Vision Statement

When you hear the Name NextGen Youth the first thought that comes to mind is a generation rising up to make a difference. Our vision for this ministry isn’t simply to just be a youth group that meets once a week and talks about God. We want to know Jesus and make Him known, raising up the next generation of leaders that aren’t just going to be silent about the truth of our God, but be active to see Him make a difference through them to the people that they are around.

Heart of the Ministry

We want to see the students that come through this youth group leave a completely different student than when they came in. Our heart is to be vessels to be used by God, to speak life into the students that come, and pull out the full potential that each student has within them to walk confidently in the calling that God has for them. We desire to have an atmosphere where our students can feel comfortable to talk about things that they are struggling with, whether it be situations at school, or home life, relationships around them.

Something that is very important to us is empowering our students to step into ministry and grow their gifts that God has given them. Whether that be joining the worship team and learning how to be part of a team working together to worship God. As well as getting our youth involved in the children’s ministry here at church, where they are helping teach a lesson, or planning a game and leading it with the kids. We realize that if we don’t give our students an opportunity to have a life changing experience with God now, while they’re in our youth group we don’t know if we will have that chance again, once they graduate and go to college.

Meet your Sr. High Youth Leaders

Everette and Lisa have over 20 years combined ministry experience ranging from Youth Ministry, Worship Ministry, Homeless Ministry and Prison Ministry. Everett has loved going deep into the word for 25 years to better understand how loving and awesome our Heavenly Father is and sharing what God has shown him to teens and young adults. He has a passion for instilling a love of who God is in youth’s hearts and creating an atmosphere where youth want to know more about who their heavenly Father is and the plans He has for them. Lisa has spent over 10 years loving on people that are overlooked, underappreciated and those who need a second chance. She has spent countless hours getting to know and understand the hearts of those that have been on the streets or in prison. Lisa has a passion to share her love of others and to help youth and young adults see people and love people the way God does. Together they lead, love and experience life with the Youth and College age at United Family Church.